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Starting and growing your business as an expat will test you to the limit but the rewards can more than compensate. Become a business hero for your customers, your family and of course yourself. But first you have to navigate your fears and concerns, adopt the right mindset, learn from others mistakes, build a supportive network and have a smart plan. Join Alex Congdon, a UK expat in Switzerland, as he interviews expat business owners, entrepreneurs and experts from around the world as they share their stories and strategies, successes and failures.

May 26, 2018

Alex Greve on Expat Business Hero podcast

Interview with Alex Greve, a Dutch 'Food Techie' entrepreneur living in Malta & founder of, an e-commerce app unifying meal planning and grocery shopping. Tells the story of his ups & downs of building an eCommerce app, testing before building & how to outsource (& in source) programming work. 

Show Notes: for hiring freelancers